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AXELIFE SAS is a french health company created in March 2010. Axelife sas develops a class IIa diagnosis medical devices CE marked, and ISO 13485. pOpmètre® is a patented scientific innovation, non intrusive, that measures the Arterial Stiffness (AS) via the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV). Yo get a result in less than two minutes. He is equipped with custum sensors to obtain a repeatable and reliable result. Patient's privacy is fully respected. The pOpmètre® system is accurate, easy to use, independent of the operator. No need for training to use(learining curve is very short), it is quickly adopted by practitioners and patients through its known sensors to lift the stress factor of the examination.
The development of popmètre is  expanding on the French market and also on the international market.

The founder is Doctor Magid HALLAB, worked for 5 consecutive years in the department of internal medicine in Angers-France, oriented in vascular risk factors, and early worked on arterial stiffness. Numerous publications including a BMJ, Diabetes, Arch mal coeur. Initiator and pOpmètre® project leader supported by other colleagues. Scientific experience in the technical phases of validation and test campaign were conducted with pOpmètre® for preliminary scientific validation of the measurement of the arterial stiffness.

Design consulting, logos of the company Axelife sas, pOpmètre® project, and its derivatives products were conducted with all of the team. Expertise and advice in terms of man-machine interface (MMI) software for data processing associated with pOpmètre®.

Technical Management designed from the technical specifications, tests, and prototypes since more than 3 years. pOpmètre® prototypes and implementation of the necessary software and hardware was secure and repeatable. Drafting the specifications for the industrial launch and carried out studies of miniaturization.

"Business Development" consulting is supporting the project team (business plan, marketing consulting and strategy...).


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