the quality of the arteries

Because the age of your arteries is important, Axelife has created pOpmètre®


pOpmètre® measures:

The pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) or the age of your arteries

The central aortic pressure, a reflection of cardiac work

The arteriopathy of the lower limbs (POAD)

pOpmètre® allows the monitoring of hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol; it can thus prevent stroke, heart attack and cognitive disorders


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Solution for measuring arterial stiffness

This independent risk factor predicts cardiovascular morbidity-mortality, better than commonly known risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol,  (Van Bortel 2010)

Screening for arterial disease of the lower limbs (PAD) should be part of the systematic assessment of diabetics and hypertensive patients. you get a result within 20 seconds

Stiff arteries tire the heart, pOpmeter® measures the Central Aortic Blood Pressure reflecting the heartload (Mary J. 2007)

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iHeartWatch, the online bracelet

The iHeartWatch® facilitates the automatic measure of cardiovascular markers without any additional action required from the user while also enabling your Smartphone to track the measures in the form of a trend curve. The combined analysis is performed to detect cardiovascular events as well as the warning signs for heart attack and stroke.

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Axelife® SAS is a French MedTech company since 2010. It designs and develops medical devices, and its flagship product, the “pOpmètre®”, is a device that diagnoses arteriosclerosis and accelerated vascular ageing, Peripheral Occluding Artery Disease PAD, and measures Central Aortic Blood Pressure

You get a result within 20 seconds

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