the quality of the arteries

Because the age of your arteries is important, Axelife has created pOpmètre®


pOpmètre® measures:

The pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) or the age of your arteries


pOpmètre® allows the monitoring of your patients with  hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol; it can thus  help to prevent stroke, heart attack and cognitive disorders


Discover pOpmètre®
pOpmètre, diagnostic de l'artériosclérose

Solution for measuring arterial stiffness

This independent risk factor predicts cardiovascular morbidity-mortality, better than commonly known risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol,  (Van Bortel 2010)

Discover pOpmètre®

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Axelife® SAS is a French MedTech company since 2010. It designs and develops medical devices, and its flagship product, the “pOpmètre®”, is a device that diagnoses arteriosclerosis and accelerated vascular ageing, 

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