pOpmètre® for cardiologists

The pOpmètre® revolutionizes your practice in just a few minutes!
It only takes a few minutes to obtain the aortic Pulse Wave Velocity and arterial age for your patients. And all of this in a non-invasive manner.

With the pOpmètre® you not only have a diagnostic tool but also a Cardiovascular disease prevention tool.

How can cardiologists use pOpmètre®?

The ability to measure arterial stiffness quickly and easily is a major advantage for any cardiologist. Because the pOpmètre® is a compact, non-invasive device, it can easily be used in any medical practice. In less than 2 minutes, it provides a reliable and accurate diagnosis of arteriosclerosis (arterial stiffening), which helps prevent or target the patient’s pathologies and risks.

The benefits of the pOpmètre® for cardiologists :

Ergonomic as well as quick and easy application both for patient and practitioner, the pOpmètre® is an excellent predictor of heart attack as well as an indicator for the risk of stroke.
Using the pOpmètre® means choosing a device for both​​ innovative screening and therapeutic monitoring.

For instance, the pOpmètre® is very useful for testing the families of heart attack victims and for analyzing the PWV of patients with hypertension as it has been proven that hypertensive patients with aortic stiffness have a significantly higher mortality rate.

How to use the pOpmètre® ?

Similar to pulse oximeters, its sensors are positioned on the finger and toe, with no need for the patient to undress. This non-invasive system has the advantage of both saving the practitioner’s time and causing less distress for the patient.

Testing is complete in 2 minutes, although prior positioning of the sensors, the patient must lie down for a few minutes in a quiet atmosphere with no talking.

Other specialties from pOpmètre®

The different versions of pOpmètre®

The independent risk factor that predicts cardiovascular morbidity-mortality, or various causes of death, over common risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, tobacco use).



Click and measure


Arterial age

pOpmètre Scope


pOpmètre Score PC

PWV with central pressure

Four software applications compatible with PC or tablet that adapt to your daily routine

Measurement of PWV based on height
Transit time in ms
Display of pulse in real time
Alert for peripheral arterial disease
Quality control signal
Sampling: number of measurements set at 10
Patient identification and age
Patient identification and age
Patient identification and age
Print exam report
Complete patient record with tracking chart
Patient database
Physician (user) record with individual database
Flexible sampling
Data export

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