pOpmètre® for diabetologists

Predict heart attacks based on much more precise data than diabetes and arterial flexibility. The pOpmètre® reveals the age of the arteries by measuring the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) at two points of measure.

Save a life in minutes thanks to the reliability of the pOpmètre®.

How can diabetologists use the pOpmètre® ?

People with diabetes often have significant arterial stiffness and are by definition at higher risk for cardiovascular events. The pOpmètre® is therefore an indispensable tool for any diabetologist. According to the Framingham studies, the risk for a 45 year-old diabetic is 17%, and in the event of arterial stiffness, the risk increases by 15%! This doubles the patient’s risk and must be taken into account.
In fact, according to the Framingham score, a 45 year-old diabetic has a 17% chance of being the victim of a cardiovascular accident, and if this person has “stiffness,” the risk of a cardiovascular accident (CVA) increases by 15%. Arterial stiffness doubles the risk of cardiovascular events and must be taken into account.

Being able to quickly measure arterial stiffness is therefore essential in decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke and to adapt patient treatments accordingly.

The benefits of the pOpmètre® for diabetologists:

The pOpmètre® is a non-invasive examination with a diagnosis determined in less than 2 minutes.

Another advantage of the pOpmètre® is that it offers important visual data to patients so as to become more aware of their current health. Patients will feel more involved in their treatment and will be more likely to actively participate in their therapeutic education.

In that sense, PWV and HbA1c are both indicators of past disorders! It is possible to better understand them by emphasizing their differences: “The PWV is, for the prediction of CV events in someone with hypertension, what the lHbA1C is to the diabetic for the prediction of Microangiopathy.”

In addition, neither HbA1C nor a reduction of it serves as a predictor of CV events.
Only the decrease in blood pressure makes it possible to reduce the risk of CV complications in diabetics!

In addition, PWV= accumulation over several years while HbA1c is over several weeks.

Other specialties from pOpmètre®

The different versions of pOpmètre®

The independent risk factor that predicts cardiovascular morbidity-mortality, or various causes of death, over common risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, tobacco use).



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Arterial age

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pOpmètre Score PC

PWV with central pressure

Four software applications compatible with PC or tablet that adapt to your daily routine

Measurement of PWV based on height
Transit time in ms
Display of pulse in real time
Alert for peripheral arterial disease
Quality control signal
Sampling: number of measurements set at 10
Patient identification and age
Patient identification and age
Patient identification and age
Print exam report
Complete patient record with tracking chart
Patient database
Physician (user) record with individual database
Flexible sampling
Data export

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