pOpmètre® for general practitioners

Prevent and avoid the worst cases with the pOpmètre®!

The pOpmètre® is an essential tool for real first-line medicine. It aids in the optimal adaptation of patient treatments as well as with prevention. Provide accurate guidance by measuring arterial stiffness and create awareness in your patients in the ways in which they must adjust their lifestyle.

The pOpmètre® perfectly exemplifies the 4 P’s of medicine:
Prediction: Stroke and heart attack
Personalization: based on risk stratification
Preemption: treat arteriosclerosis from the start
Participation: PWV and arterial age are great tools for therapeutic education

How can general practitioners use the pOpmètre® ?

With the pOpmètre®, you can incorporate the measurement of arterial flexibility into treatment and introduce general medicine as true first-line care for the early detection of arteriosclerosis risk and thus promote screening and prediction for better prevention.

Arteriosclerosis is in fact an independent predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in different types of populations, independently of and in addition to the prevention parameters used for over 50 years such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, alcohol abuse, or smoking. These factors are considered aggravating for arterial stiffening, and the PWV can therefore be a motivating factor for the cessation of dependencies.

The benefits of the pOpmètre® for general practitioners :

The pOpmètre® allows for the assessment and reassessment of your patient’s risk.
It makes it possible to adjust treatment according to the PWV.
The pOpmètre® allows you to explain to your patient the risks involved together with their consequences, and ultimately allows patients to be involved in the choice of treatment and the measures they need to take to improve arterial stiffness.

The pOpmètre® is easily transportable thanks to its compact size and you can take it with you both to your clinic as well as on home visits.

Its operation is an advantage both for you and your patient: the exam is quick, non-invasive, and pain-free. The measurement and the diagnosis are made in minutes, all without a need for your patient to undress. The pOpmètre® sensors, similar to pulse oximeters, are located on the patient’s finger and toe.

The different versions of pOpmètre®

The independent risk factor that predicts cardiovascular morbidity-mortality, or various causes of death, over common risk factors (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, tobacco use).



Click and measure


Arterial age

pOpmètre Scope


pOpmètre Score PC

PWV with central pressure

Four software applications compatible with PC or tablet that adapt to your daily routine

Measurement of PWV based on height
Transit time in ms
Display of pulse in real time
Alert for peripheral arterial disease
Quality control signal
Sampling: number of measurements set at 10
Patient identification and age
Patient identification and age
Patient identification and age
Print exam report
Complete patient record with tracking chart
Patient database
Physician (user) record with individual database
Flexible sampling
Data export

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