The future of cardiovascular prevention.

The missing link to assess cardiovascular risk now in your office.

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Calculates PWV, Central Pressure and alerts PAD in 20 seconds

Axelife presents pOpmetre, the diagnosis device for arteriosclerosis through the propagation speed of the aortic pulse wave, a reflection of arterial stiffness.

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Arterial stiffness, the best cardiovascular events predictor.

Independent risk factor, best cardiovascular morbi-mortality predictor, see deaths from all causes, than conventional risk factors such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and hypertension combined.

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Measure the time between two pulse waves taken from a patient's finger and toe.

POpmètre is a medical device connected to the patient by non-invasive photodiode sensors. It is equipped with a signal acquisition and processing system as well as data visualisation and recording software.

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Already a major tool. Join the future of cardiovascular prevention.

Our medical device pOpmètre collects information on the pulse wave form and its propagation speed on patients using two finger and toe sensors in a non-invasive way. The collected results include :
• Transit time
• The Pulse Wave Velocity
• Arterial age according to normal values by age group
• The heart rate
• Heart rate variability
• PAD alert
• Central systolic pressure
• Central diastolic pressure
• Central medium pressure

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Essential applications.

• Screening: PWV is a marker of asymptomatic (silent) lesions of the Aorta. It easily and quickly identifies patients at risk of developing a stroke, infarction, arteriosclerosis, blood circulation problems of the lower limbs…

• Improved risk assessment in hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia

• Monitoring: it makes it possible to evaluate the medical treatment’s effectiveness

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    The different versions


    pOpmètre Score

    pOpmètre Scope

    Two PC and tablet compatible software to adapt to your daily practice

    Measurement of PWV based on height
    Transit time in ms
    Display of pulse in real time
    Measurement of the central pressure (mmHg)
    Replaying files
    Alert for peripheral arterial disease
    Sampling: number of measurements set at 10
    Patient identification and age
    Result Physiological age: pOpscore
    Complete patient record with tracking chart
    Print exam report
    Physician (user) record with individual database
    Data export

    Made in France