Arterial Stiffness: A New Biomarker to be Measured

OBEID, Hasan, OUEDRAOGO, Valentin, HALLAB, Magid. Arterial Stiffness: A New Biomarker to be Measured. Journal of Archives in Military Medicine, 2017, vol. 5, no 1.
State of the art, Revue about arterial stiffness. Devices, meanings, issues
Measuring arterial stiffness with pOpmetre in cardiac rehabilitation program (Artery Research 2016). B. Pavy, H. Obeid, M. Hallab, J. Darchis, E. Merle, M. Caillon
Data from 100 consecutive patients recruited in a French CR centre. ftPWV was measured (pOpmètre-Axelife SAS-France) at the beginning and the end of CR (mean duration = 18.3±4 days). The patients (mean age 64±11 years), males = 84%, were coronary (51%), valvular (38%), heart failure (3%) and other (8%). The risk factors were the following : current smoking (n=3), Diabetes (n=26), high blood pressure (n=58), high cholesterol (n=48), obesity (n=15) and coronary heredity (n=19), sedentarity (n=20). The maximal workload (MWL) increased from 94.9±35 to 116±37 Watts and the 6min walking test (6MWT) from 430±113 to 505±106 m (p<0.0001). The PWV decreased from 9.16±3.0 to 8.39±2.5 m/s (p<0.008). Maximal physical capacity and 6MWT were dependant of the PWV and a current CR programme seems to improve the arterial stiffness in a cardiac population. Discover more

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