The smart braceletfor cardiovascularevents

iHeartWatch® The iHeartWatch® is a smart bracelet with sensors that detect drops, arrhythmia, hyper / hypotension, vascular stress, asphyxia, and fever.


Revolutionize the monitoring and management of cardiovascular events.

The iHeartWatch® allows for the automatic measurement of cardiovascular markers without any additional action required from the user and also ensures that the Smartphone tracks results in the form of trend curves. The combined analysis is performed to detect cardiovascular events as well as warning signs for heart attack and stroke.
Its expert system and quality of signal interpretation makes the iHeartWatch® an exceptional value.

The bracelet is accompanied by an application (personal / health professional) to track results. It also comes with health data hosting to facilitate the continuation of both machine learning and deep learning. A system of alerts is scheduled manually or based on markers or measured results. It will be graduated: on the watch and then remotely, so long as the wearer does not cancel the alert.

Discover features

IheartWatch system

Analysis of the following parameters :

Central and peripheral Blood Pressure

Cardiac frequency

Arterial stiffness (AS)

Oxygenation of the blood



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