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pOpmètre® is a Class IIa Medical Device that measures the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)

It is the best surrogate of the arterial aging:
The Early Vascular Aging (EVA), or the Arteriosclerosis Diagnosis.

pOpmetre® is CE marked EN ISO 13485 certified.


You get a result within 20 seconds!


pOpmètre®  system is accurate, easy to use, operator independent. No need for long training to use, it is quickly adopted by practitioners and patients through its known stressless sensors.

Ease of use makes it accessible to everyone
. Time and reliability are the most important features.


Given the sampling rate, metrology gives a variability between devices less than 1,87 % with a biological signal. An inter-observer repeatability pOpscore® of 3.89% and a PWVft of 6.40%; validation (see bibliography) shows a CV of 5.71% in intercession for an average of 6.6 m / s, and a very good agreement with the standard method (r ² = 0.51).

The scientific hypothesis is robust and convincing, it measures the PWVft which is related to the PWVcf (see bibliography).



pOpmètre® 300S :

For clinical practice and research inclding a personalised print of the results.




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